Why do feet “grow” with age and how to fix them?

person foot on brown rock


Your shoes are put away and come across the boots you’ve not worn in two years. They’re brand newly purchased, therefore you check them on and contemplate what you could think of them as. However, there’s one problem: they no fit you anymore! How can this be possible even though they fit perfectly just two years earlier? You try at putting them on however, they hug you as you would if they were just one size bigger. You look at your feet and don’t see any peculiarity or difference. If you think that your feet have grown, you’re not very far from reality.

We’ll reveal to you what we’ve discovered about this fascinating topic. As a bonus after this article, you’ll learn that the feet aren’t the sole body part to “grows”.

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The amazing design of our feet

The feet are blessed with a unique and sophisticated foot structure. Even though they are smaller in comparison to the other parts of our body, they are able to fulfill a variety of tasks. Because of their feet, we can walk and run. We, humans, are the sole living thing that is bipedal that is, they can walk on two feet.

When we look at the soles of our shoes, we will notice that they’re not flat. There is an arch on the instep that serves an essential function in supporting the total body weight. The footrests on three points. The weight and power of the entire body is dispersed by the arches, utilizing the same space, as well as offering a more comfortable support space. The Romans utilized the arch model to build impressive structures including the Colosseum and the a series of arches and columns.

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Motives behind”the “growth” of the feet

Human beings are at their peak size around 21. The same is true for feet. After that what we think is growth is actually causing wear and tear to the arch. As we age the tendons and ligaments which are an integral part of the feet lose their elasticity.

The arch becomes weaker and decreases in size. In a flash, the foot grows longer and becomes flatter. The foot is not growing however, it gets older. At a certain point, we require an extra amount or two. But there are also other factors that contribute to the wear and tear of the arch and force us to purchase larger shoes.

1. Pregnancy

In this time during this time, the body produces large amounts of relaxin, which is a hormone that aids the joints and ligaments of the pelvis to become flexible and prepared to accommodate the growing fetus and the future birth.

Other body parts can also be elastic, like the feet. It is normal for pregnant ladies to choose the size of shoes that is larger. However, this isn’t always the case for everyone. it varies for each woman.

2. Overweight

When the feet are required to carry a heavier weight than the normal weight the weight and the age of an individual is high, the wear on the arch accelerates, and, as a result the feet “grow”. In other words, your foot’s arch is weakening and can cause flat feet. The greater the weight is, the more serious the wear. Obesity can cause other issues like calluses, which alter the foot’s width because of the inadequate support provided by walking.

3. Foot pathologies

Certain common pathologies of feet, including corns, onions, hammertoes, or other similar issues, can lead to feet that are deformed or enlarged. People who are more likely to be affected by these issues are those suffering from other diseases, such as diabetes.

Acromegaly can be described as a lesion that affects the pituitary gland that is caused by the excessive growth of hands, feet, and various body organs. This condition isn’t particularly widely spread.

How can we slow down the “growth” of the feet?

While we can’t stop the clock and stop feet from growing larger than normal but we can delay the process a bit in a sense by heeding the following four points:

  • Physical activity: one method to build strength in the feet is to engage in an easy exercise. It is as simple as the rolling of a ball similar to a tennis ball wearing bare feet.
  • Shoes: wear appropriate footwear at all times, and that provides cushioning while walking. It is equally important to wear shoes that are comfortable. They should not be too big or too tight.
  • Massages: Especially after a long day of standing massages aid in relaxing and oxygenating the tissue of the feet.
  • Insoles that offer adequate cushioning for arch support of your foot.

Plus: the nose and ear change as you get older.


It is now clear that the feet don’t grow however they do get older or lose their shape. It’s not the same with the nose or the ears. The body’s organs get older and the reason for this is easy to understand.

The nose and the ears have much more cartilage and bone. Cartilage is a soft tissue comprised of collagen as well as fiber. As you age, the cartilage shrinks and loses its elasticity. In combination with that inevitable stretching and thickening of the facial skin that is covering them, the tips of the nose, as well as the ears, grow in volume. But, let’s not forget: They are much smaller than what we can see on the mirror.


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