When you eat eggs every day, this is what happens to your body

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As one of the most diverse food items in the world Earth eggs makes a wonderful option to add to your diet. They are not only more easily incorporated into almost any dish and are extremely healthy and beneficial for overall nutrition. However, can you consume more eggs than you think is healthy for you? What happens if you consume eggs on a daily basis? Sometimes, excessive amounts of an excellent thing could certainly be bad. If you eat eggs each day, you should know the 7 aspects of your body that will be affected.


You may experience better brain function.

sunny side up egg on black ceramic plate

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Eggs are high in vitamin D, which is a hormone that stimulates gene expression that controls the immune system and releases hormones like dopamine or serotonin. Furthermore, numerous studies have shown a link between melancholy and vitamin D. In fact, researchers have found that those who suffer from Vitamin D deficiency are more susceptible to depression.

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