Compare The Best Web Hosting Companies 2022


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Compare The Best Web Hosting Companies

The web hosting service you select is vital to the performance of your site. A reliable web host ensures your website is up and running and prevents the risk of crashing your site.

This guide will help you choose the most suitable kinds of web hosting available to suit different circumstances. Check these reviews out to find the ideal web hosting provider without spending a fortune.

Hostinger – Most Affordable Hosting Plans

Hostinger is the ideal choice for those who want to pay as little as you can and still have extremely solid performance.

The hosting plans they offer vary between $1.99 per month, up to $4.99 each month. The most well-known plan offered by Hostinger is Premium shared Hosting plan, which cost $2.59 per month. It includes everything you require to launch up as many as 100 websites.

The rates listed are only promo, which means they’ll rise when you renew. However, you can secure these incredibly cheap prices when you sign up for a longer subscription.

The Premium Shared hosting plan includes 100GB of SSD storage, which is enough for the majority of websites, however should you require more storage you can choose from a variety of other plans that you can upgrade to. The plans also come with an unpaid SSL certificate.

Even after the promotion pricing closes, the cost is still affordable. Single-site plans cost only $3.99 per month after renewal, which is one of the lowest prices in the market.

Bluehost – Best Web Host for Beginners

Bluehost is among the most well-known web hosting companies around the world, particularly among new users who want to launch their own site.

They provide great rates and a platform for beginners that makes managing a website simple.

The majority times Bluehost will help you with the process the first time, such as the process of setting up a blog, or an mail account for your website.

If you are stuck or encounter a problem you need help, they are available 24/7 via phone or live chat. They have their support phone number as well as live chat options on their site which means you can get assistance with just two clicks.

DreamHost – Most Affordable Month-to-Month Hosting Plan

DreamHost has excellent monthly pricing, along with a solid performance in hosting.

In reality, their month-to month plans begin at $1.99/month. This package includes a website that can handle unlimited bandwidth, no metered bandwidth, as well as a free SSL Certificate, which is a bargain.

It is important to note that this is the promotional pricingthat will increase following the initial month. After that, you’ll pay the current rate per month that is $7.99 for the month. It’s still considerably less than the monthly rate you’d be paying when compared with others of the top hosting companies.

Of of course, DreamHost also offers one-year and three-year agreements starting as low as $2.95 per month, which will save you thanmoney over the long term. While it’s not among the most affordable in this listing (check the Hostinger for the cheapest contracts hosting plans) It’s still an affordable option.

Hostgator – Best for Lean/Minimal Needs

HostGator is ideal for any company seeking basic websites.

If you don’t require many extra features from your web hosting service Choose HostGator.

I’m talking about websites and portfolios in which you need the contact information of a potential visitor. Perhaps you need an information page. or a landing page to gather leads.

HostGator provides a comprehensive list of guides on how to use technical assistance. If you can’t get the help you require then you can contact live chat, phone, or email support.

In contrast to some hosting providers, HostGator offers support with all of plans. If you’re looking for an affordable hosting plan and comes with support then this is the hosting service for you.

If you’re looking to be able to do some work There is some sort of process to master before you can take advantage of the advanced tools available.

GreenGeeks – Best Eco-Friendly Hosting


GreenGeeks is the green alternatives to the other hosting services.

What does that what does that mean? It’s a sign that they’ve utilized renewable energy sources to power their website hosting services.

In addition to being great for the world Their Webhosting services are of the highest quality. They have rapid speeds, a solid uptime and fantastic solutions for:

  • WordPress Hosting
  • WooCommerce Hosting
  • Reseller Web Hosting
  • Virtual Private Servers
  • Shared Hosting

The bottom line is that they’re the ideal choice for eco-conscious websites and businesses.

SiteGround – Best Speed and Security for WordPress

SiteGround is designed to provide top-quality speed as well as rock-solid security to WordPress hosting.

It is essential to have a speedy website to keep visitors on your site and also have security to be secured in the event that you choose to make use of WordPress. It’s one of the most used methods to host a website around the world, which is why WordPress websites are the subject of a lot of hacking attempts. With SiteGround you don’t need to be concerned about security or speed in any way.

It begins with the technology their hosting service is built on. SiteGround uses Google Cloud to maintain swift and stable connections. their SSD permanent data storage guarantees low latency.

A2 Hosting – Fast and Reliable Shared Hosting

A2 Hosting is notable for the speed and quality of their service as well as the low cost.

At all levels of hosting (shared VPS, shared, dedicated) A2 Hosting outperforms other hosting providers in speed. If you’re using another shared web hosting provider it’s likely that you’ll notice an improvement in loading speed when you move to A2 Hosting.

Through the Turbo Boost and Turbo Max plans, you’ll have the ability to access the Turbo Servers. They claim that it’s 20 times quicker than the other Turbo Servers. It also includes:

  • 40 percent faster AMD EPYC Performance of CPU
  • 2x faster than the first 2x faster than the first
  • Control 9x more traffic
  • 3x faster speeds for reading and writing with NVMe drives. 3x faster read/write speeds with NVMe

A2 Hosting also offers a 99.9 percent uptime guarantee for all plans, which means you’ll have an extremely reliable server which won’t have to be down all the time.

InMotion Hosting – Best VPS Hosting

InMotion provides a fantastic discount on hosting services for those who require a virtual server (VPS). The pricing is better than average, however it’s the customer service that sets it apart.

When you use VPS hosting you have more control over your server than using shared hosting. This is fantastic, however, it is essential to understand the basics of configuring servers.

If you’re not confident on the command line, you could opt for an managed VPS plan by InMotion. They’ll handle the technical aspects of things, and take care of the security of your account.

WP Engine – Best Managed WordPress Hosting

The WP Engine is among the top (if not the most reliable) WordPress hosts out there. Complete stop.

They offer a top-quality product that’s optimised specifically for WordPress websites. If you’re looking to get all the speed and storage you can achieve for your WP site or an online shop This is the right host for you.

However, it comes at cost however. A fully-managed WordPress hosting service is significantly more costly than shared hosting.

The cheapest plan offered by WP Engine is $29/month, but it’s just for a 10GB website with a maximum of 250 visitors per month. There are two months of free when you subscribe for a year, but could get a better price when you sign up via Quick Sprout.