New York judge orders Trump to pay $110,000 in civil contempt fines

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The New York judge said Wednesday that the former president’s civil contempt punishment in connection with the state’s probe into his business practices will be lifted as long as he fulfills the requirements set by the judge.

News that drives the world: The judge ordered that Trump must pay $110,000 in contempt charges in the direction of New York Attorney General Letitia James The office is conducting an investigation into the Trump Organization’s financial transactions.

  • Trump was found to be in the civil court in March following his refusal to provide documents to James’ Office and was fined $10,000 each day when he refused to comply with the court’s orders.
  • “For years, Mr. Trump and the Trump Organization have tried to thwart our lawful investigation, but today’s decision makes clear that no one can evade accountability,” James declared in an email.
  • “We will continue to enforce the law and seek answers as part of this investigation,” James said.

Arthur Engoron, a judge in the Supreme Court 1st Judicial District in New York, ruled that the contempt order was lifted on an assumption that Trump and his business comply with certain requirements before May 20th.

  • The conditions require details about the Trump organization’s document retention and destruction policy. It also requires looking over the pages of documents related to Trump which can be used as evidence as per CNN.
  • The judge warned that the contempt verdict will be reaffirmed when Trump is not able to adhere to the deadline. Engoron also accepted to keep the fine into an account that is escrowed until the appeal for contempt is completed.

The big picture New York Attorney General’s office has been conducting an investigation into Donald Trump’s practices in business over the past two years. This includes accusations that the business used “fraudulent and misleading asset valuations to obtain economic benefits.”

  • In January and December James issued subpoenas in order to force Trump and his family to testify sworn during her investigation. A judge later ordered that the Trump family must be able to comply and that the former president had to provide documents.
  • Trump and his immediate family members have described the probe as a “politically motivated attack.”

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Editor’s note The story has been updated by an announcement by New York Attorney General Letitia James.



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