Mysterious liver disease begins to spread globally


This mysterious disease of the liver starts to spread across the globe.

The world hasn’t fully recovered from the coronavirus that was discovered in the wild and its effects are yet, to begin with World Health authorities warning of a new risk that is coming up in the wake of an unknown liver disease started to take hold in recent times across the globe, and according to the initial reports have caused more than one person to die thus to date. Details are available follows:

A case of hepatitis from unknown origin has been recently beginning to spread across the globe According to World Health Organization (WHO) and experts, the reasons for this new form of hepatitis are not yet known however the initial concerns are about the virus that is scientifically known as Adenovirus.

According to a report issued from the World Health Organization on Saturday, the 23rd of the month has it has recorded 169 cases of Hepatitis the majority of which are concentrated in the United Kingdom, while the remainder is spread in those in the United States of America and different European countries, such as Italy, Spain, Denmark, Norway, and France.

It is important to note that the sufferers of the disease are typically teens and children aged between one month to 16 years old. Among those who have been diagnosed on March 1st thus this point:

  • One child has passed away in the United States.
  • 17 cases that required patients to undergo New liver transplant.

It is worthwhile to mention that the Center for Disease Control and control has dispatched experts to evaluate a range of new cases within the United States of America, however, pending the outcome of expert reports, here’s what we’ve learned to date:

New hepatitis causes C


Although scientists haven’t found a way to pinpoint the reason for the new virus, the primary theory put forth by experts puts the blame at adenovirus 41. This virus is believed to be the primary cause of this new form of hepatitis among children.

The experts put this hypothesis after noting that 74 cases of recorded cases of new hepatitis were children whose medical reports showed that they were infected with adenovirus in conjunction with their hepatitis, and it was noted that at least 19 cases of recorded infection were children infected with coronavirus and adenovirus together.


However, the most intriguing aspect is that the mentioned virus which spreads through contact is one of the viruses that typically are not found in healthy children. So this theory might not be true however, scientists are trying to find out the reason for the illness, and hope that they can either disprove this theory or prove it by the end of the few days.


The signs of new symptoms of hepatitis C

According to cases reported the patients with this illness exhibit a variety of symptoms, which include the following symptoms:

  • Diarrhea.
  • Abdominal discomfort.
  • Puke.