5 foods that accelerate aging and make you fat


Aging and obesity usually go together. As we age, we consume fewer calories, our metabolism declines, and we gain weight. It’s the same with weight. the person who is overweight looks older and has a lower level of energy.

The process of aging and obesity is caused by genetics, poor habits, the environment, and diet. Furthermore, it’s nutrition but not genetics which is the most important element that influences appearance and health.

Some foods can cause wrinkles as well as wear and tear to the body and weight gain at a staggering rate. Reduce these food items in your diet and the results won’t be a dreadful wait! Let’s look at which foods are the most effective and gain weight the most quickly:


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Sugar is tasty as it gives you an energy source and can bring a smile! However, it cost a lot to purchase. What is the reason?

Imagine that man’s evolution over several hundred thousand years under totally different environments. The people didn’t even know the meaning of sugar! They had no idea about porridge. The most easily accessible calories are in fruits, and their carbs are a good match with fiber.

Tell me, would it be pleasant to drink an ice-cold glass in the scorching heat? It is! If it’s cold outside and you’re surrounded by buckets of ice-cold water? Sugar causes the same brutal strain on the body.

Collagen is damaged by sugar and is the primary reason for youthful and healthy skin. Sugar is high in calories, speedy and light, which is converted into fat. Sugar weakens the immune system.

So, try to keep the sweets you consume to a minimum. Try substituting as many fruits as you can. It’s not necessary to eliminate sugar completely Start by controlling it and gradually cut down on sweets you consume in your diet.


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